Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Creative stairs and stairway designs for the garden

Cor-Ten stairs and retaining walls by Andrea Cochran
By their nature, steps and stairs are utilitarian (something around 12" long and 6" tall, give or take) but they don't need to look like it. Here are a few examples of stairs that rise to the level of art:
Elegant stairway and vanishing edge reflecting pool by Joseph Marek

Brick steps with creeping groundcover by Molly Wood

Estate stairs by Mark Rios, photo by Dominique Vorillon

Modern floating steps by Jensen Architects

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Modern Fire Pit designs

You have all heard my rants about how ugly most fire pits are. So this is a continuation in my series about fire pits that break the stereotype: ones that are interesting, different, and beautiful. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, today is going to be a buffet of photos of unique fire pits.

Some of the fire pits I have shown you in the past are custom designed. Instead, today's photos are ones that are made by talented artists and product designers. What that means for you is that all of them are available for purchase online, so if you love one of them, click on the link and get one for yourself!

Ecosmart lantern casts a mysterious glow

Sculptural fire bowl by John T. Unger

EcoSmart bulb fire lantern

Go mid-century modern with ModFire

Precast concrete with a very clean line and smooth finish by Solus Decor

With the Wok Fire Pit by Potted you get affordable minimalism

Mesa series fire pit by Raw Urth Designs

Chiminea series blends the line between fireplace and fire pit

© Kate Wiseman 2010.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A kitchen garden in the driveway

As a firm believer in using the space you have, I was inspired by this kitchen garden that I came across in Burlingame recently. Like all of uptown San Diego, the amount of land these guys had to work with was limited, so they got creative and used the space between their driveway and their neighbor's to fit in their herbs, some vegetables, and even a peach tree!

I'd like to call attention to the fact that this is in their front yard, and it looks great! It doesn't look out of place or odd. So, if you are fretting because you want to grow vegetables but the only sunny part of your property is the front yard... well, stop fretting and grow some veggies!

© Kate Wiseman 2010.