Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kate Presents is moving to a new home

I have been working hard to revamp my web presence, and as a part of that (drum roll please), I have finally combined this blog and my website. The new home of Kate Presents will be here. Same rambling (oops, I mean, relevant) content, just a new location. I hope you all decide to follow me there!

I will post a few final posts in both locations, and then I'll quit with that and move to the new location for good. So, one more time, just in case you didn't get it ('cause I really do want you to make the move with me), the new location is:

Thanks, readers! I appreciate you all and hope to see you soon with plenty more Kate Presents ramblings, I mean articles!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Mid-Century modern planters by Steel Life

 If, like me, you are a little obsessed with Mid-Century modern, I think you'll love these planters by Steel Life! I love their atomic-age look, their playfully bold colors, and their wonderfully unique shape.

The top two images are of their Shallow root vessel. It is perfect for succulents, cacti, or grasses. Because of its long legs, it helps elevate unique small plants up closer to eye level, so it is the perfect choice for showing off finer-textured specimens.

But my personal favorite is the Matchstick planter (last image). It comes in a small and large size so you can make a grouping with two of them. Don't you love how the earthiness of the wood contrasts with the smooth bright basins?

I feel like they embody everything that is attracting people to Mid-century design right now: the nice lines, the iconic forms, the optimistic color.... in fact the general optimism of the early sixties is something I feel like we could all use a splash of right now, and aren't these just so splashy?

I'm getting one for my office, which is in a Mid-Century building and is currently painted red-orange, teal, and lime green. I think they'll fit in just fine!

(and, I'll post photos for you all to see once I have mine in place....)

Happy weekend everyone!

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