Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Crafstman garden in Northpark shows off waterwise plantings

This charming front garden in Northpark uses a lovely palette of drought tolerant plants to compliment the craftsman bungalow home. Because of the plant selection, the garden has a soft look, full of delicate flowers and soft grey foliage. The flower color is mostly in pinks, whites, purples, and blues. These colors are classic and tend to have a soft, even feminine, look.

A few things in particluar catch my eye. The first is the integration of Junipers. I think Junipers will see a resurgence as people look for waterwise plants that are a true green. This one (below) is paired with geraniums and mondo grass.

The second thing I loved was the use of miniature olives. Olea "Little Ollie" is most typically grown as a hedge plant or medium sized shrub. Here, they have them trimmed into tiny trees that line the driveway (last image).

Other plants they used to get the soft Craftsman bungalow look: Buddleja (Butterfly Bush), Polygala (Sweetpea Bush), Salvia friesland, Limonium perezii (Sea Lavender), Cistus (rockrose), and lavender.

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