Friday, August 6, 2010

Small fountains are waterwise

Just a quick bit of eye candy for your Friday viewing pleasure. This little fountain is by Garden Studio (out of Newport Beach). The pot itself is adorable but I think it is the ring of succulents around the base that makes it.

Steal this idea: try it around the base of a fountain, or around the base of a fire pit. Or, try a thin band of succulents pushed up against the riser of a step (but remember to still leave enough room for your foot).

A small fountain like this one is perfectly fine in a waterwise landscape. The amount of evaporation loss is small (less than you'd use flushing the toilet once), but the visual effect of the water is big. And, don't forget the lovely sound!


  1. I am Eric Fenmore of Garden Studio Design. Thanks for posting our Urn Fountain, we use them all the time. I also wanted to comment on Netafim. We've used it for 5 years (initially at the Newport Beach Public Library Children's Garden we designed and installed). It's a great product: uses 50% less water, costs less to install than traditional pop-ups and protects the house from overspray.

  2. Love it! Very cute and stylish. Goes to show that less is more! It was great to meet you briefly at the San Diego APLD meeting this month.