Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vegetable humor by Soggy Creek Seeds

Even if you have no interest at all in growing your own vegetables, you should still pay a visit to Soggy Creek Seeds website where you'll find such gems as Pea Seeds for Peace. Strange Squash from Outer Space. Kissing Booth Beets. And my personal favorite: the Hobo Turnip.  Here is their description of the humble Hobo Turnip:

Since these turnips keep well while tramping around, they became popular with hobos who could make many good meals with each one. Still today, tramps trot around with these turnips tied to sticks. The Hobo Turnip has an impatient-sorta way of sitting on the soil rather than settling down into it. This seems to suggest a certain restlessness, like it is some rootless vagrant that moves along with the winds of opportunity. In a sense, these turnips have become like their hobo friends, never to put down roots. (Performs well in poor soil, even trainyards).

And a thank you to Dirt du Jour, for turning me on to Soggy Creek Seeds!

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