Monday, September 17, 2012

Do you use Pinterest?

I stumbled upon Pinterest fairly recently, and I will admit that at first I thought it was silly. Pinterest is a way to easily grab photos from around the web and share them. There are lots of photos of cute puppies, rainbow layer cakes, and new ways to put on eye-makeup. I wasn't impressed.

But then I realized that there are a lot of amazing garden photos on there if you go looking. And it is an easy way to browse through images looking for inspiration, something I love to do!

Eventually it also occurred to me that it is a great way to group photos and start making folders of garden styles. My eventual plan is to use the folders as a tool to show homeowners what style of garden might work with their home. That plan might take me a while to execute, but here is the beginnings of it, if you'd like a bit of eye candy: Kate Presents on Pinterest.

What about you, do you use Pinterest? Have you come up with ways to use it that are about more than just looking at puppy photos?

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  1. YAY!

    Just followed you. Great work!

    A suggestion: the boards "Things I Love" and "Inspiration" are not titled very usefully. Hopefully everything on your board is something you love and that inspires you. I'd suggest being more specific — both to help prospective fans to choose which boards to follow (or unfollow) AND to help make pinning easier for you.


  2. We love pinning garden designs as well, and its a great place to round up our garden and wind chime themed blog postings. I also love sharing photos of amazing gardens and outdoor spaces from others!

  3. Good suggestions! If I have some time today, I'll work on my boards some more!

  4. Love your post and nice idea I always pinning beautiful garden and structure from pinterest..